Thursday, July 30, 2009

Captain Obvious Strikes Again!

For those who have been reading my ramblings, or have had the pleasure (?) of me stopping by your page/blog to sound my battle cry of "EAT MORE, silly!" will find great amusement at this story.

You see, I had a weekend away from my 'normal routine'... It was enjoyable and educational (and yes, I'll share on that eventually), but my eating was off the whole time. I did ok, but not near the quality that I usually strive for.

No big, I'm back on the normal track at home.

Except I'm not, apparently.

I mean, I've got my regular meals & snacks... and even added in a little extra to give my body a chance to recover... But here it is Thursday and I'm still pooped. No amount of coffee in the world is helping, either.

I've been battling with a foggy brain, headachiness, no energy, clumsiness, and, well, Teh Dumb in a big way.

I got to the point where I looked up the symptoms of the West Nile Virus and got a little worried. (It's monsoon/mosquito madness time in the SW)

So here it is Thursday. I JUST realized that, gee, I'm pooped, then I eat & I perk up. About 90 minutes later, my energy takes a nose dive.

HEY! I think I'm still hungry! I think I need to eat more!

Yay! Still feeling good...

::bangs head on keyboard::

Feel free to mock away. :)

Side note: I'm SO grateful for spell check so you didn't have to see the magnitude of Teh Dumb! LOL!

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