Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pain... Courtesy of CrossFit

Today marks the completion of my 7th CrossFit Workout Of the Day - affectionately known as WOD - and it will be my first full week of at least 4 workouts (General plan is 4 a week... today was a 'bonus' for the abs... and I was awake... and I'm silly... really silly.).

My first thought this morning when I woke up: Holy Macaroni! My arms hurt!

Yesterday I had the general feeling that I worked my upper body, but no big... I have a rest-ish day.

Today: Ow.

Granted it's the awesome, "Good Sore", but still... Muscles are sore in places I didn't think I could even have muscles! Haven't hit some of them since I stopped working out with the trainer.

I'm totally digging the fact that the moves are simple in design - but in no way "easy" - and the WOD forum has the scaled down version of each workout so beginners can do the modified versions to build up endurance and strength to move to the "Big Dawg" workouts*.

There are CrossFit gyms popping up all over and I want to visit to see how they have things set up.

The beauty is everything has grown from the one website - it's grass roots, it's effective, it's functional, it's efficient (Most WOD will take 30 min max and leave you in a quivering puddle on the floor), and best of all it's FUN!

There's running and jumping and swinging things around! I was never one for gym calls or recess, but this is like gym recess for grown ups! There's even a section for 'training' with kids.

Ok, off to find more ibuprofen... and food (OMG turning into even more of a protein fiend!)... and see about buying stock in the makers of Motrin/Advil/Aleve. LOL!

*Note to self: Start learning how to do a handstand.

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