Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Inmates running the asylum

That's at least what it feels like in my brain of late.

First off: Insert standard apologies for not visiting/responding/keeping in touch with folks/their blogs/groups/etc. here. I have been thinking of everyone a lot! SparkTime has become a precious commodity of late, and I've been trying to jump in where I can rather than spend a huge amount of time catching up.

Secondly: Yes, I've been quiet. Yes, I'm ok. No I haven't fallen off the non-existent wagon and suddenly gained back 50 pounds. And my candy dish is still full. Just been busy with work which is a good thing, and little to no brain power/desire to spend time on the computer when I get home. This may or may not change any time soon, so just givin' folks the heads up that, if I'm quiet, feel free to give me a nudge to make sure I'm still breathing. ;)

Finally... the inmates.

Yeah... this is one of '(re)learning about myself' blogs, so feel free to move along if you are so inclined. ;)

Yesterday was one of those chaotic brain days - every little thing annoyed me and I couldn't wind things down. I usually listen to music when working out and yesterday I couldn't even tolerate that - the competition between the roar in my brain, my ears, the music in the gym and the extra blasty spinning class music just drove me over the edge. The day got worse from there and culminated with me invoking the "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" privilege toward my DH, and sending cranky @$$ to bed (You're right _Ramona, that DOES make my bum seem more valuable! :) by about 9.

I'm sort of feeling the same way today, but too tired to really care thanks to kitten intervention last night... apparently they were trying to save me from my Wacky Bobo DreamsTM by waking me up every 20 minutes or so, whether I needed it or not.

Turns out that an over busy schedule + minimal down time - (adequate sleep + optimal nutrition + forearm licking) = one stressed out monkey!

It's all about balance, and the last couple of weeks I haven't had much. I'm all about focusfocusfocus workworkwork because, well, there's a lot to be done...

And it's making my Inner Princesses very annoyed.

It's now to the point where Stevie & Veruca have taken matters into their own hands.

Super Brat Powers: Activate!

I've been feeling rebellious, been resentful of "having" to do things, and starting to dwell in the land of the "Poor Me's"...

To which Stevie and Veruca reply: Now that we have your attention, can we puh-leeeezzee start having a little fun again?!?!

Looking back at their "Promotion Promises", I'm realizing I certainly have not kept up my end of the bargain by any stretch:

1. Everything can be a game.
2. Don't walk when you can run.
3. If you don't like it, don't eat it.
4. Laughter feels good.
5. Playtime is important.
6. The world should be full of color!
7. It's always more fun with friends around.
8. Adventures are found outside, not inside.
9. It's important to use your imagination. (I had to leave the extras on this one! You can be Captain Fantastic or Stupendous Woman [YAY! Stupendous Woman!] any time you want. Give yourself permission to believe in your own super powers and let your mind take you wherever it wants to go.)
10. Anything is possible.
11. You have your whole life ahead of you. Here's your chance to do it right.

Life is much more fun, and a lot easier, when you learn to play with your Inner Princess'. They are much less demanding of things like cookies, cake, and sleep-ins, and I seem to get more done without wanting to bite people's heads off.

So... lessons learned, sleep will be had, breathing will begin, and forearm licking that doesn't involve copious amounts of wine, beer or cookies will commence!

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