Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Thought for Valentines Day

I got this from one of my inspirational daily emails and wanted to share...

For most of us, Valentine's Day is a time when we exchange loving sentiments with those closest to us. I already know that before the day ends, my husband, David, will surprise me with some sweet gift and a card that expresses his love. And, of course, I have a card and a special surprise with his name attached. Our family valentine exchange extends to our children, to our mothers, and to others we hold especially dear.

But recently, I learned that valentines, love notes, and other tokens of affection were once sent anonymously.

That sparked an idea: Why shouldn't I be someone's secret admirer this year? I could send flowers to that once-in-a-lifetime grammar school teacher who doubled my confidence level the year I was in her class. Attaching a simple thank-you note signed "one of your grateful students" would most likely speak for a hundred others besides me.

And that lonely man I know who lost his wife. I wonder . . . if I took the time to bake a pie today and left it on his doorstep with an unsigned note, wouldn't it make him feel less lonely?

Wonderful "valentine opportunities" are all around, it seems. With the tiniest effort, it becomes a day for widening my circle of love.

Love is a gift I will pass on to another on this Valentine's Day.

-Pam Kidd


Even before reading this I was getting my shopping list together and one of the stops I was planning on making was a store where I could pick up a few valentines day cards for my awesome hubby. Yes, it's the day before the holiday but it wasn't to give to him tomorrow. It was to have a stash on hand so that I could leave him little love notes throughout the year.

I won't delve deep into my personal thoughts on the holiday, but the gist of it this: it's a nice day to celebrate the love you have in your life - not just romantic love, but also family, friends and self love - but, like Christmas, if you only celebrate it one day out of the year, is it really that special?

Share the love, joy and kindness all year round. Treat everyone (starting with yourself!) with respect and a little more patience. Be someone's secret admirer. Those flowers that are super duper cheap right now? Go buy them and put them in your nicest vase and proudly display them. Pull out the nice china, the good crystal and the candles and have 'special' dinner on a Tuesday.

There are a multitude of ways to take the spirit of Valentines Day and make it last for the next year and beyond.

So... what is your favorite way to share the love?

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