Monday, February 1, 2010

Fired Up and Focused February

February is Focus, Focus, Focus month!

They say that a dream that isn't written down is just a wish. I want to make my dreams a reality!

I am continuing my journey towards 140 pounds or less, and torching body fat like nobody's business!

I am holding myself accountable by doing the following:

-Tightening up my eating by weighing and measuring my food to ensure I'm getting appropriate amounts of carbs, fat & protein

- Eating a wide variety of raw and cooked veggies, limiting my grains, and enjoying lean protein

- Doing 5 workout sessions a week - 4 crossfit workouts + 1 walk/run session to prepare myself for my upcoming 5K

- Allow myself to 1 adult beverage a week (2 this week since tonight's the hubby's b-day dinner) While I enjoy sharing a beverage with my hubby, more than this is counter productive to achieving my short term goals.

- Allow myself 1-2 desserts a week

- I maximize my fat burning potential by creating an efficient calorie deficit though exercise and controlled food portions.

- I continue to work through, and remove limiting beliefs that keep popping up and blocking my success.

I look forward to achieving my goal and sculpting the body of my dreams!

At the end of the month, I am excited to see the scale reflect 5 pounds of pure fat gone from my body forever!

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