Thursday, February 18, 2010

One for the "girls"

I got this link from another blog and wanted to share:

From their site: "We are a textile recycling company, specializing in recycling bras and providing deserving women in our communities who are facing challenges with a basic lingerie staple."

As we all know, when you lose weight, you lose it from aaalll over, and that means the 'girls' start to get a little deflated and the band starts to get really loose. This is a great way to pay forward your 'abundance' (or lack of, as the case may be ;) by sending your quality, lovingly used over the shoulder boulder holders to sisters in need of support. (Yes, I'm trying to go for a record ;)

The great thing is, if you're in the Phoenix/Tucson region of AZ or in Dallas, TX, there are drop off locations available. For all others, there's an easy form to complete and just pop those bad boys (bad girls?!) in the mail.

Spread the word!

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