Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Hu-Rah Day! Part II

Back in 1775, My MARINE CORP Came Alive...

Please join me on November 10, 2009, in wishing
the United States Marine Corps a Happy 234th Birthday.

I'd also like to extend this tribute to all of the men
and women serving in all branches of the U.S. Military
Army, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard.

Thank you all for your tireless dedication to keeping
our country safe.

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234 Years ago today, before the Founding of the
United States of America, and even before the
Declaration of Independence, The Marine Corp stood
watch over this Great Land we Gratefully call HOME.

Semper Fidelis distinguishes the Marine Corps bond
from any other. It goes beyond teamwork - it is a
brotherhood and lasts for life.

Latin for "always faithful," Semper Fidelis became
the Marine Corps motto in 1883. It guides all Marines
to remain faithful to the mission at hand, to each other,
to the Corps and to country, no matter what.

Becoming a Marine is a transformation that cannot be
undone, and Semper Fi reminds us of that. Once made,
a Marine will forever live by the ethics and values
of the Corps.

There is no such thing as an ex-Marine.

There are Three classes of Marine.

Live Marine's,
Fallen Marine's,
& Former Service Marines.

No one is less than the Other. For even the Fallen
Marine's are still serving others, by standing Guard
in Heavens streets & at the Gates.

As today is the 234th Birthday of My Marine Corp
I decided to take a moment to share with you perhaps a
small insight into why, as Marine's, we are set apart.

There are Three Core Values THAT DEFINE A MARINE

HONOR - Marines are held to the highest standards,
ethically and morally. Respect for others is essential.
Marines are expected to act responsibly in a manner
befitting the title they've earned.

COURAGE - Courage is not the Absence of Fear.
It is the Ability to Face Your Fear, and to overcome it.
It is the Mental, Moral, and Physical Strength ingrained
in every Marine. It steadies us in times of stress, and
carries us through every challenge, it aids us in facing
new & uncertain confrontations.

COMMITMENT - GOD, Corps, country.
Commitment is the Spirit of determination and dedication
found in each and every Marine. It is what compels us to
serve our country & our Corps. Every aspect of Life in the
corp shows commitment to Excellence not only in training,
but in all aspects of a Marines life.

As Marines we are always ready TO WIN BATTLES IN THE AIR,
ON LAND AND AT SEA... Even though I am Former service, I
still stand by for the call.

When our nation's commitment to democracy is challenged,
when our national interests are threatened, in times of
international disaster, crisis or war, the Marine Corps is

We will be first on the scene, first to help and first
to fight.

For this, we have earned the reputation as "America's
911 Force" - our nation's first line of defense.

The Marine Corps is ready to respond on the ground, in
the air and by sea. This integrated approach distinguishes
the Marine Corps as the United States' premier expeditionary

So I ask you today, November 10th 2009, to Stop. Thank a
Marine. And tomorrow, Thank a Vet.

Yours In Faithful Service.

Norman F.S. Hanley

P.S. Here is the Link I wanted you to see
http://tinyurl.com/234USMC - Bob Parsons USMC

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