Friday, November 13, 2009

Best. Personal. Trainer. Ever.

This week has been a very interesting week - I think I've run the gamut of the WHEE! and the whoa. And the WTF?! And the Whoo hoo! and the WAAAAHHH... and most things in between.

There has also been much introspection, gratitude, curiostiy, humility and respect.

I've learned a lot about people in general, and about myself... some of it I will probably share later... but who knows.

There has been a LOT of tears and even more sweat!

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I was going to be doing the fallen hero workouts that honor those who used CrossFit as their launching pad for excellence in fitness to make them better at their jobs of defending the free world.

I finished the series this morning, and they all totally kicked my butt!

I opted to swap Thursday & Friday's workout. Just couldn't handle more upper body brutality today, so I paid homage to "Michael".

Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups
3 rounds for time

I scaled the sit-ups/extensions to 25 instead of 50, and totally mixed things up and did the workout at home. If any of my neighbors were up and watching, I'm sure I confirmed that I am, indeed, crazy: Run up & down the street, go into my patio... Run up & down the street, then into the patio... All before the sun poked it's cheery head over the trees.

The annoying beauty of CrossFit is that it's very humbling. No matter how much I do, no matter how "good" I think I'm getting, keeps getting harder.

I am usually left feeling like an uncoordinated oaf, but dang do I feel good when I'm done (aside from the owowowowow I'm exeriencing today while walking from yesterday's squats. LOL!)

The best part of this morning's workout (aside from the amazing sunrise) was the help I got from my own personal trainer...

This is Mr. Muggins. (He's a bit bigger now... ;)

He found his way into our lives a few years ago by literally being dropped into our car, and quickly discovered he was the luckiest kitten in The World!

One of his favorite things to do is help mom with her exercises.

He is the reason I've renamed some yoga poses: For example, downward facing dog & Cobra are now Look down and see the kitten & squish the kitten cobra.

He is also good at helping out with situps... and I found out this morning, very good at helping with back extentions.

In the middle of the 2nd round, he was walking around me, sizing up the situation, chirping the whole time. Next think I know, he jumps on my back, and chirps after each rep... like "10, 11, 12..."

He jumps off when I'm done then jumps on my tummy to "help" with the sit-ups. Granted he was a little less than thrilled with how much I was moving, but he did his job dutifully. The funniest part was when he jumped down for me to do the last run and hopped up on me as soon as I got back.

My Missykitten, however, was just confused: You were gone, now you're back! What are you doing? Where are you going NOW?! YAY you're back! I was scared... what the heck!? LOL!

Nothing better than starting off your day with a little furbaby help/confusion. :)

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