Tuesday, October 13, 2009


*LIFE* for my friends.......past and present. (Borrowed from my buddy MaryAnn)

Life is a blend of the good and the bad,
A bit of the glad and a bit of the sad'
A pinch of contentment, a time of unrest,
A dash of the worst and a lot of the best'
A little of failure, a little of luck,
A bit of disaster and plenty of pluck':
And who would live long must be willing to know
Winter anad summer and sunshine and snow.

Life is a mixture of laughter and tears,
Hope and despair are a part of the years:
Someone is born and then somebody dies,
Someone is foolish and someone is wise"
Someone is false to us, someone is true,
Now it is play and then tasks we must do:
Who grows to manhood must learn how to take
Joy with its laughter and care with its ache.

Life is a blend of the good and the ill,
And we must bear what shall come by His will:
There must come tears to the brightest eyes,
Care visits the rich and the strong and the wise:
No one escapes when the rain pelts down,
Today you may smile but tomorrow may frown;
So stand to your portion of sorrow and strife,
And know that it's all in the battle called LIFE!


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