Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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I get it... I only need to be hit over the head with it 50 times to get it, but I do. Really. (and seriously, I've gotten/read/heard _5_ things in the last hour that have been about gratitude.

Remember: ""When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears."

And then I got this: "When we constantly _choose_ to be grateful, we notice that every breath is a miracle and each smile becomes a gift."

I've been doing a lot of thinking on how to approach 2009, what the 'theme' will be, what my goals are and how I will get my mindset in a place of success to reach those goals.

It boils down to 2 things: Gratitude and Choice.

Yesterday, I chose to be worked up into a tizzy, chose to let my worst case scenario brain run away with me, and allowed my feathers to get seriously ruffled by the insurance people for doing, of all things, their job (the nerve!) I then chose to carry that uneasy feeling with me for the rest of the evening and to put up a big wall of emotion all around me to hold those feelings inside.

Today I choose to acknowledge those feelings and then release them in a shiny, happy bubble. I choose to stop Veruca from running around in my head going "AAAAaaaaaaaahhhh!!! ::deep breath:: AAAAaaaaaaaahhhh!!! ::deep breath:: AAAAaaaaaaaahhhh!!! ::deep breath::" and give her a big hug.

I am grateful that there is money in the bank to make the repair that we need. I have faith that the right people will be there to help us. I am grateful I have friends who put up with me when I'm angsty, who reel me in when I'm near the edge, who are there to laugh with and share the silliness of our shared lives.

At times when I start to feel disconnected, I remember the amazing people I have found (or found me) and am grateful for the wonderful energy we all give to each other.

Every day, there are millions of choices to make - right or left, happy or sad, abundance or scarcity. I am grateful I have the right to make those choices, and that I have people who help guide me to make the right ones.

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