Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2% Worthy

::Steps on soap box::

I refuse to make any reference to 'next year' or '2009' for the next few days. I feel that I have come far enough in my journey to know that January 1 is the start of a calendar year, but it's only part of my 'fiscal' year. Too many people use those terms to postpone getting started 'next year'. Too many people say 'January 1 will be the start of my new life.'

Ya know what, you're right!

But unfortunately for your brain, it's not specific enough so it's still waiting for 'next year', which is the day after 'someday'. If you've made your decision to do something, and have written out corresponding goals, what day it is doesn't matter. You're only focused on your task and reaching that goal and the date is only a mile marker in your journey.

::steps off soap box::

I just got an email from one of my very motivational sources and it had this tidbit of info:

"80% of Americans quit their New Years Resolution by the end of Wk. 1
98% of Americans quit their New Years Resolution by the end of Wk. 4"

Scientific or not, it sounds about right. Just think of the drop off rate at the gym from January 1 through January 31st.

There's also the statistic how only 5% of people who lose weight keep it off.

All of it's for the same reasons: lack of planning, goal setting, and doing too much too soon, but fixing the problems/changing the habits that got you there in the first place.

Ok, I made up most of them, but IMO, those are all very important factors.

For the last week I've been revising my goals and have been struggling with a bit of guilt at not having reached most of the 3 month ones, but then realized that I got a lot closer than I would have if I hadn't written it down. And considering it was my first time with real goal setting, I did awesome! I've learned a lot and revised most of them to be more specific, and to allow me to grow and stretch my limits through the months.

I know that I am part of that 2% - the percent that succeeds, that exceeds my own expectations and inspires others to achieve their own personal goals. I am helping to expand that statistic from 2-5%, to 25%.

From my MK days, my director always told me there's room for everyone at the top - achieving and living your dreams isn't reserved for the elite few, it's meant for everyone.

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Sensacola said...

One of the reasons I don't do 'new years resolutions' is because I figure 'why not start now?' rather than 'At the new year I'll...' ... Trying to get a coworker to see things that way as she's a great one to say 'after this'... we'll see what happens with that :P