Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why do we even have that lever!?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

(inside joke for geeks who've watched "Emperor's New Groove" way too many times... like me. ;)

Oy... sometimes life is all kittens and rainbows and flowers. Ok, I have kittens and some pretty flowers (lubs my hubby ;), but not what I meant.

Today is one of those days that makes me wonder why any of it's really a good idea, or at least why I thought home ownership was going to be such a 'joy'. Gah. And what exactly IS the point of insurance if they aren't going to pay anything?! And why is it that I'm not allowed to beer at work!?

Double gah.

We need to do a repair on the house - I'm feeling less than confident at the structural integrity of my home at the moment... but it will be a relatively easy, inexpensive fix - replace a support post for around $150. If it collapses and takes the 2nd floor and possibly me and the kittens with it, add about 3 zeros to the end.

Replacing it doesn't make me feel any more confident. What if that one starts cracking? what if it doesn't work at all? What if what if what if... (yes, my dear Ramona, this is my catastrophe brain at work...)

Then I made the mistake of calling my insurance agent to find out some of the financial reprocussions of the what ifs.

Bad idea... in the history of bad ideas this is one of the worsts, and add a huge helping of angsty emo on top of it... collossal bad idea.

Essentially the reality is that there's a 85% probability that nothing would be covered either way. And of the other 15% - it might possibly but probably not be partially covered... up to half.

Yeah... that calmed me down. Not.

Anytime that I've proclaimed that I'm not a stress eater... well, I lied. glad I only have baby carrots and a fruit smoothie to nosh on. But it'd go much better with ice cream... and rum... and chocolate... ooh, and a side of fries! And rum!

I am ever so grateful that I have a fantastic man in my life who balances my angsty emo mood with calm. Why he puts up with me I'll never know, but I'm so glad he does. He helps to rein in my runaway brain when I need it... but usually just after I've passed into the relm of rediculous worry so I can see how silly I'm being.

I know ultimately things will be fine. And if not, well, we'll deal... but most likely, all will be fine and we'll get the rainbows to join the kittens and flowers again... ooh, and maybe a pony! :)

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Sensacola said...

I r dork, lol... just realized your 'inside joke for those who have seen ENG too many times' was related to your entry title and not the lion cub picture! Go me!