Friday, March 30, 2007


I'm realizing that I'm writing a lot about money lately... that's been formost on my brain with the 1st fast approaching. Lots to consider, lots to look over. But again I need to let go of the worry, leave it to the PTB... I need peace.

Actually, I've had 2 things on my brain - money and body clutter... the two can go together, I guess. But I've been focusing a lot on body clutter and ridding myself of it. Trying not to let my mood be influenced by the numbers on the scale, but working on being consistent. Today is another challenge, and it's name is potluck. I've got my salad, I've looked at the feast contributions, and decided that my salad is going to be the nummiest thing there... besides my dip. But I know what the dip tastes like, so I don't need to try it. I think I need to try a brownie cheescake bar, thought. I've recorded it and not so much in the damage arena. It will all happen in it's time, I just need to do my part to help it along.

I also need to for a walk... hmmm... maybe a sunset walk with the Honey... A drink at happy hour, then a stroll... yes, that sounds fabu.

I also need to get more work done. :/

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