Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Post one...

We'll see how long this one lasts at work.

Been freaking out about a lot of things lately - work, money, weight, money, oh yeah, and money...

Then got 2 flicks in the head from the PTB:

"Worry looks around, sorry looks back, Faith looks up."

"Plant seeds of expectation in your mind; cultivate thoughts that anticipate achievement. Believe in yourself as being capable of overcoming all obstacles and weaknesses.- Norman Vincent Peale"

Ok, fine. I'm listening...

With money, it's partly my own doing - I haven't been keeping track of the household acct like I should, I haven't been as smart with my own money. And to make things worse, I keep looking at things I want to get/do/buy for the wedding we haven't set a date for. I mean, there's 3 different dresses I would love to get right now, but why?! I have to let it go and know that there will always be something available that I'll like later on. I feel like it's just a major hemmorrage that I don't have much chance of stopping. I knew I'd hit a bad place when I was looking at a debt consolodation offer I got, and a balance transfer card offer in teh mail and found myself seriously considering it. *sigh* But that's worry looking back. I'm looking around, blaming and feeling sorry for myself, but I have faith that it will be better, so I'm looking up to the PTB for guidance. It was difficult the last couple of weeks to have that faith because of, again, the worry and sorry.

It's about the same with my weight. My eating has been out of control, I wasn't exercising, I was having a 'who cares/why bother' attitude. Yes, I chose to snuggle with my Honey and not get up to exercise, but it was a choice. Not beating myself up about it, and having faith that I will meet my goals. There's the worry about health concerns and just the physical appearance thing, there's the sorry for feeling like a big lump, but there's the faith that I'll make it happen.

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