Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An update of sorts...

So here we are... it's the 12th day of January already! What's up with that? The month nearly half gone and I'm still stuck on creating my goals, and getting my body to catch up with where my head is in this whole game! :)

First off, they say confession is good for the soul and it certainly was the case here - I am continually amazed and humbled at the support the SparkPeople members provide! Not just in the 'there there it's ok' way, but genuine insight into my journey, and their own lives. L-O-V-E it! After the brain dump on Friday and the therapeutic/tiring time with the hubby and out of town this weekend, I'm feeling a lot better mentally and physically.

Next I've been thinking about the general goals that I put out there and wanted to update and firm up some of them.

The Test! I put out there that my A. #1 goal: Get that *#$& test DONE! January 15th! That's it!

I've got 2 assessments and one essay DONE!, Have 2 training plans and 5 more essays to write between now and Friday. I have a schedule, I have accountability, I consider it DONE!

Movin' on...

I also threw out the idea of doing 2-3 competitive, endurance activities... well, if you say my status update, I'm considering doing 2 of them within a month of each other. One is a definite going to do - April 11, 2010, I'm joining my friend Alyssa (and possibly a few others) in the Race for the Cure 5K. I decided to join in mostly to support Alyssa because it will be her first 5K, but also because so many people I know have been touched by this disease. It will be an privilege to run in their memories/honor.

The second one, which will actually be before the Race for the Cure, is undecided... Not that I don't think I am capable, but because it would mean $70 in race fees. (Hey, part of my goal is to be more financially responsible!) I am giving myself until 1/30 do decide on that one since the entrance fee goes up on 2/1.

As for how that impacts my short term goals - it can only help because I'm committed to focusing on fat burning for the next 11 weeks. I'm not really changing up my exercise routine much - the shift will be to doing the more metabolic CrossFit workouts and minimising the straight weight lifting workouts.

It also means getting in at least one extra cardio session this week, every other week starting in Feb... then every week in March (baby steps, remember! ;). Weekend cardio is TBD, but will most likely be the same plan.

My goal is to not only be able to _run_ the whole 5K in April, but also be carrying at least 10 pounds less fat on my frame.

Other stuff:

Still clarifying those, but here's a general idea:

Financially, I will pay down my debt by 20%, donate $1,000 to a combo of my church and charities, and build my savings to $1,000.

Personally, I will read 12 books this year (including the last 3 Camolud books, and the first Templar book, Facing Your Giants, Think and Grow Rich, and Power of Positive thinking... the rest of the list TBD.)

Home wise, I will continue to clear through the clutter so I can have a home that brings me peace of mind and that I am happy to open my doors to hosting small dinners, movie nights and game nights with friends (new and old) without worry or stress.

Physically, I'm sticking with the goal of getting to the point where I can support/lift my body weight consistently so I can do Handstand Pushup & Unassisted Pull ups & dips. Once I can do 15-20 of those, start working on Ring dips, Muscle ups and Rope Climb.

Not to mention... Body weight deadlift, back and front squat. I'll work on the body weight chest press next year. ;)

I think that's enough to work on for now. :)

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~Diet Goddess~ said...

Excellent goals! Could I direct my hubby to that "clear clutter" one? He tends to be a packrat. I tend to be a thrower-awayer...er, something like that. Good luck with the test!