Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A "Blueberry" kinda day... and linky type love.

A while back... I was in a mood.

OOOH was I in a mood and everyone around me was making it worse.

I sent my fabu friend Mon an email ranting and raving about [insert less than flattering adjective here] co-workers and [insert really nasty adjective here] computers and darnitall if the sky was just too stinkin' blue that day.

She responded that I should imagine the co-workers (and anything else that annoyed me for that matter) blowing up like Violet in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory - looking like a huuuuge blueberry and rolling it down a hill.

That made me giggle. It broke some stress. No one got hurt.

Now anytime we have a frustrating kind of day or situation, the battle cry to tackle it is "BLUEEEEBERRRIEEESSSS!"

Today... is sort of one of those days. Not really in a "OMG I'm cranky, get out of my way" kind of day - mind and heart are feeling clear... just having lots going on and being kept extra busy at work but feel like everything is an uphill battle.

Speaking of up hill battles... I read about this, this morning... www.mountlemmonmarathon.com/ HOLY MACARONI!!!

Though there's a part of me that says, "Hmmm... if I start training now... and convince some of my awesome running/marathon trainee/veterans to come out to Tucson and celebrate my b-day by doing a hard climb with me... could be intriguing."

And more of the linky type love to share... I lubs me the MizFit for so many reasons, and found out today she started life as a counselor like the Awesome Ramona (I dub thee Awesome, darlin'!) and that sort of prompting for being your best self comes through in all she does... Her personal motto and mantra for all is to be "unapologetically myself", something that I keep aspiring to in my own life, and release the fear of just being "Me", but that's a whooole different story for a different day.

I shared this entry with the Amazing Julee (yes, that's my name for her... no, she doesn't have a cape. Yet. ;).

It prompted a really good discussion of how each of us 'licks our forearms' (or rather, don't)... and realized we both have a long way to go in the healthy, self-soothing practice.

Please, go read and let me know how YOU lick YOUR forearms.

And to continue the MizFit love, I listened to the premier podcast of Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone

OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE! (I don't even hold it against DietGirl that she hearts Jillian Michaels. LOL!) Get thyself to the site and subscribe! And listen. Now!

And on that note, I shall leave you with one last thought in the spirit of Vince Lombardi... instead of getting caught up in the minutiae of details that don't matter... All it's doing is giving you an excuse not to get started or reach your goals. Focus instead on being brilliant with the basics. (yep, it's my theme for the day and yep it's something that I'm taking my own advice on. ;)


Sensacola said...

I believe it was 'trap them in the ____ (fill in the blank to suit) room' more than 'roll them down a hill' :D

Lady Rois said...

LOL! Very true... but rolling them down a hill gets them far away from me. :)