Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday: The source of my frustration...

If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you have heard me reference my feelings about going shopping for clothes.

If you're new, let me sum it up:

You want me to floss your rabid pekinese? Consider it done!

You want me to take apart your car, detail it, wax it and give it back to you? No problem-o

You want to string me up by my toes & make me sing "Danny Boy" from the top of the Empire State Building in nothing but feathers & a tiara? I'm am so your gal!

You want me to go to a store to find clothes for myself? ::insert Steph shaped poof of dust as I bolt through the wall ala Wiley Coyote:: (And that's only a few seconds slower than I'd take off if you were mention bra shopping, but that's another story all together.)

I bring all this up because it's that time again... I made a deal with the hubby that I would go shopping when I could consistently take my pants off without unbuttoning or unzipping them.
He's been dropping hints that it's almost time. I deny it. He tugs at my pants. I poof out my belly and take a wide stance. He gets my pants to my hips with ease. I pout and say it's still not time. He tugs... you get the idea.

(I know, I know, it's TMI... and Dad, if you're reading this... just forget that last bit, k? k.)

If you have taken a look at my progress... seen recent photos... or have a hint at my 'before' weight/size, you're probably rolling your eyes, thinking, "Who wouldn't LOOOOVE to go shopping to slip on smaller sizes! The clothing world is your oyster! Go forth and shop your heart out!"

To which I reply, "Pffffff" (the blog equivalent of a raspberry ;)

I shall point to this article as the basis of why it's so bloody annoying to step into a store for me.

No two size (fill in blank) are the same... even by the same manufacturer! Try on everything!


Add to this that I'm curvy, I'm picky (read: perfectionist... see, that way I can avoid actually making a decision or a purchase, and can continue to complain about how I can't find anything that fits me well!), and honestly the styles right now are wholly unflattering!

Size 8 or 18... doesn't matter.

Pttui on shopping.

Hugs & Kisses,

Veruca & Stevie
Resident Princesses of Power


Ok, now that I've let the girls have their say, I shall now attempt to speak with a bit of reason, but will mostly be a brain dump/cry for help.

I realize I have a bad attitude about this. Every time I think about facing the prospect of shopping it fills me with angst and dread.

I've made steps to look at things more positively. I've worked on being kind to myself and feel worthy of having nice clothes that fit well and are flattering to the body I have right now.

And I think that last bit is a big part of it... And Stacy, Clinton & FlyLady would have a tough love field day with me about that.

See... I've been doing the "Get me by" shopping for... well... all my life. The clothing that, despite all it's potential, beauty, style, structure, grace and other attributes, has come into my life as "until" pieces.

You know those things... Not what I want/is ok/will hold me over UNTIL... I get into a smaller size/I find something I like better/I have more money/etc.

I have a closet full of Untils, and now that I am closing in on my goal body size and shape, it's really time to stop dwelling into valley of the Until, and start collecting clothes that flatter the body and enhance the spirit.

And this is where I pitch a fit and demand attention...


I mean, I throw myself upon the mercy of the kind and generous folks who happen upon these words, and ask for your assistance, suggestions and feedback.

Here's where I need help:

1) Style!
As in, I have none. My 'clothing personality' tends more towards Classic, with a touch of Romantic - structure with a bit of frill (think 40's, 50's & 60's clothing - ala Katherine, Jackie, Chanel, Marilyn, Dior, Elizabeth, etc.) I'm so not the 'trendy' kind of person. I like classic, enduring pieces that last from season to season, and are constant. You know, stuff that I don't have to constantly go out and buy the latest and greatest version of. ;)

I know, big shocker on all that. Think you'll have a heart attack and die of not surprise, right? I'm nothing if not transparent! LOL!

HELP! Where do I start?! Please recommend designers, stores, websites, resources, etc... I'm in Tucson, AZ, which has the usual department stores, and a few smaller 'boutiques', and can make the trip to Phoenix if need be.)

2) Shopping!
As in, How do you do it?! Divide & conquer? Go in for one thing at a time? Shop for 'capsules' (ie 4-5 pieces that can be mixed & matched for multiple outfits)?

HELP! I'm thinking the list of stores/designers to start with will help... but any other suggestions are encouraged. Anyone tried personal shoppers? Anyone know where to find one?

3) Fit!
I don't even know what my body shape really is, or what looks good on me right now... trendy clothes tell me that I'm supposed to have loooow rise pants and hiiiiigh rise tops that are loooow cut.

But I don't want to look like a ... yeah. I'll let you fill in that blank.

And the fun is if I find a pair of pants that fits well, sits in a happy place to not show all the stuff that God gave me at birth when I sit down, the next time I go to the store, they are no where to be found; replaced by 100 new styles that aren't. quite. right. Or tops that are too narrow in the shoulders but long in the sleeve...or just the opposite.

I know this one layers on the style and shopping/fling a lot of spaghetti and see what sticks, er, fits... but it's probably the most frustrating.

HELP!!! I'm so tempted to find a seamstress and plop a bunch of fabric on his/her lap and say "make it!" Ideas?!?!

Thank you all in advance for your help, encouragement and/or rantings/success stories!


Anna/Themis27 said...

First, take a deep breath. It's going to be fine. Second, I would recommend you start your quest at Ann Taylor (dressier, work-type clothes) or Ann Taylor Loft (more casual). In addition to having nice clothes in classic styles, their sales people are generally very helpful as well. The Margo style pant is for us curvy girls, and if you're not sure how something looks, just ask.

As to the low rise pants, they've moved back up a bit. However, your pants should never ever EVER have pleats, and they should always sit below the belly button. They can sit just barely below if you're more comfortable with that, but always below.

Good luck! Hope this helps.

Lady Rois said...

Anna - YAY! Welcome to my 'other' blog and can't wait to see your peanut grow! :)

Thanks for the help. Ann Taylor was the first shop I though of and guess that means I need to take a trip to the mall soon. You rock!