Monday, December 17, 2007

What I did right...

It's getting to that time where I"ve been all gung ho and working it, and now I'm tired and not seeing the fast results I want... so in an effort to not get discouraged, Here's what I've done good so far today:

1) did my Firecracker 'circuit' - lunges, pushups & crunches and then some more crunches
2) measured my cereal & milk this morning
3) wore my pedometer
4) From this weekend I had a hideous craving for fries 1that I gave into... I ordered a small instead of medium, and only ate about 1/2 the order, and only had 1/2 a soda instead of the whole can.

I'm wearing my high boots that my are about 1/2" too small at the top, and despite my working out and all, my calfs have gotten more muscular so they're still snug. erg... but thank heavens for long skirts! LOL!

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