Monday, April 16, 2007

Veruca speaks

"After knowing Nelly (my inner brat) for about six months, I learned that she was not my enemy, but rejecting her was. By turning away from her I couldn't find peace, but tuning toward her, knowing her and embracing her as a long lost part of my self did bring me peace. Have a meeting of heads this morning and ask what's on your inner child's mind today. "

OMG isn't that the truth...

So this is Veruca, and I've been pretty much running the show for the last couple of days, but it hasn't been fun. 'Mom' forgot to take one of her meds all last week. While it was fun staying in bed for a few days instead of getting up and exercising, and the happy fun moods were great! Almost like playing... but then the house was getting a little messy... and then mom would get all grumpy or sad for no real reason... not to mention being snippy to the cute guy that lives with us - why he puts up with us, we'll never know... but he makes us very happy so we're glad he does. It's weird, it used to be fun when I got to be in charge, but now that we've gotten several routines down and what not, it was't so fun this time... kind of boring and unsettling... glad that mom's back on track.

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