Sunday, November 18, 2007

Yay for Friday

Just my little giggle for today...

But yay it's Friday. Why is it that short weeks seem like the longest weeks e-v-a-r? eesh. Sinuses are finally starting to ease up and not hate me *quite* so much...I may do something wacky tomorrow like get up and go for a walk. *gasp* I got a spiffy new pedometer that will help with my 'plan' - it has a timer on it so I don't have to take a timer *and* my pedometer on a walk... yay. So can't wait to use it.

Went and got a hair cut last night and not sure if it's good or bad no one has commented on it - I got about 2" cut, but considering it was past my shoulder blades before, guess it's not *too* drastic... gonna color it this weekend too since it *really* needs it.

I have an appointment at Simply Dinners tomorrow - should be interesting. It's one of those go in and assemble the food to cook later kind of places. I've done similar stuff at home w/the menu mailers & freezer cooking, but I'm liking the idea of someone else doing all the pre-work for me and me just putting it together. And looking at the nutritional info, it doesn't look too bad health wise.

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