Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Plan

Anywho, I am tired of being ambiguous about the 'I'm going to do more walking'. I was reading Family Circle at lunch & there it was...a plan. (I know, there's lots of them, but this is the one I saw & liked.)

So I shall be doing my 3-2-1 plan
3 - days a week, do 30-60 min of purposeful walking
2 - days a week do 25-45 min of high intenstity walking
1 - day a week do at least a 90-minute walk (focus on time not speed)

Here's my schedule:

Monday: purposeful walking
Tues: high intensity
Wed: purposeful walking
Thurs: high intensity
Fri: purposeful walking
Sat/Sun: Long walk

So there... I like having a schedule s it can be more like "it's tuesday so I"m doing X."

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