Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nothing like a short blogging hiatus

Just looked at my last entry and went 'wow... I thought I'd have energy after the trip to clean?!' Yeah, I'm silly. It's taken me almost 2 weeks to recover from that trip. Between the heat, not taking my thyroid & adrenal stuff, not eating well, and the constant treks up a hill and walking in sand, it totally wore me out. It's taking about 2 weeks to get back up to start feeling 'normal', then I go and get dental work done only to be laid out flat again.

I'm such a weenie... I've been sustaining on soft foods - watermelon eegee's (my honey ROCKS! Got me the big-o box of eegee's), mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, fruit smoothies... that sort of thing. And then trying to take pain meds... yeah, that didn't help much.

But I decided to get back on the wagon because I realized that my total inactivity of late is more damaging to me than doing something occasionally, and I've been hit an miss with my eating. Just tired of being tired, and my weight isn't helping. I was finally getting some energy back before the trip and it went bye-bye. I set a few easy-ish daily goals to re-establish my habits: Recording what I eat, reading motivating posts and posting on the message groups. At least then it'll get me in the mindset to focus on my health. Besides, I've got a beautimus wedding dress to fit into in less than a year! Yike!

I've got my procedure coming up in 2 weeks, too. Who knew that it'd cause so much angst - been Turning into a 'to procreate or not to procreate' issue. Frankly I'm not sure what scares me more: Relying on/having faith in/trusting/believing myself enough to interpret my body's signs for fertility enough to avoid getting preggers, or possibly having a procedure done that could could make life easier but may or may not impede my health further. *sigh* I know holistically I should just have the thingie removed and trust in myself... but there's that 'no brainer' aspect that i really like. (Yes, Woogs & Orion, I'm obsessing... but needed to get it out, k? :)

And there's that other offer lingering out there from Thyra... still not sure what to do - might be a great opportunity, I'm looking at just having gotten a raise and upcoming bills that need to be paid off. :/ *sigh* hate being a grown up sometimes...

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