Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is awesome?

"There are two ways to live your life - one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle."
Albert Einstein

I recently stumbled across a blog that totally rocks:

This takes the Einstein quote and runs with it... finding the awesome in every day things we take for granted.

It inspired me to compile my own little list of awesome at a time when I'm feeling, well, like I'm not.

See, the last couple of weeks, while the writing bug hasn't bit in a while, some other bug has. It's some stoopid, low grade something that has me feeling just cruddy and run down enough to not feel great, but not so cruddy or run down to lay me out for a few days. I was worried for a bit it was a 20 year relapse of mono, or my thyroid giving out on me just a bit more. But the hubby just let me in on the fact that he's been feeling the same way, and the sinusy-ness on top of the achy, sore throaty, super easily tiredness pointed to it most likely being a cold/flu thing.

Even though I knew better, I pushed the envelope a little with trying to workout - nothing strenuous, just short walks, and some body weight exercises thrown in... Ultimately I've heeded my body's singular call: Rest!

And ya'll know I'm a HUUUGE fan of rest and taking breaks when you need it! I personally don't think the human body is designed to go full boar 5+ days a week, week after week, for an hour or more... with no down time for rest and recovery. May work for some, but not for me... that's my personal recipe for over-training he$$.

In fact, I've had my greatest results from switching to 15-30 minute workouts, 4 times a week. Short. Intense. Done. And I also know that as a hypothyroid gal, I need more rest than the average bear.

I also know that that this time spells anything _but_ disaster for my health, weight, or future workout schedule. In fact I'm looking at this down time as a less distraction from being able to eat well and letting the muscles rest so I can experience some controlled "newbie" muscle gains.

It's all about making that switch to the lifestyle of a healthy person, not being on a diet.

But I digress... So back to the awesomeness.

A few events from the last few days warrant creating a list to refer back to when I'm feeling a little down on myself, and hopefully act as a seed to grow into a hugemongous list of awesomeness factors.

1) Being told that I look fantastic and like I'm still losing weight, even though I have been feeling a little squishy from the lack of activity

2) Being able to hoist and control a 35# pail of kitty litter while filling up the boxes

3) Hucking around/deadlifting other peoples boxes (upwards of 50#) during our recent office move... in heels (now /that/ is a serious CrossFitChick!)

4) Having even more muscle definition despite the 2 week hiatus.


So... whats at the top of your List of Awesome for the day? Week? Month? Year?

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Wendy said...

Hi :) I found you while browsing. Great blog! (I like the way you think.)